Virtual Services

At Black Birch Group, excellence is not just about delivering luxury-level service. By definition, excellence in service refers to the ability of service providers to consistently meet and occasionally even exceed customers’ expectations. Our virtual services are tailored specifically to take on any endeavor.

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Virtual CTO services

Virtual CTO services or CTO consulting is a unique offering. Our highly experienced IT manager works with you to ease and support IT initiatives, outline tech strategies and approaches according to business goals, manage technology infrastructure, tools, and teams. Under CTO as service, the IT Manager works with you to support as a consulting CTO and is accessible in your time zone, on your preferred communication channels, and in your office on-demand.

With our Virtual CTO services, you also get access to our IT Concierge Desk and Services to support your projects on-demand basis. CTO as service incurs no long-term contracts or hiring and infrastructure costs, and your firm keeps complete ownership of code and intellectual rights.

Virtual Executive Technical Assistant

An executive technical assistant provides high-level technical and administrative support to IT executives in the workplace. These liaisons may relay information and documents between numerous departments and staff members, help to process, and archive various types of documentation, take calls, schedule meetings, and manage executive requests. An Executive Technical Assistant may also help in maintaining the IT infrastructure and support matrix.